Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Effects of Cinema on Indian Youth

  • An artist has a right to freedom of self expression and that can be in the form of movie thus people must understand this before raising objections, Eg. Mi Nathuram Godse Boltoy a marathi play was in controversy for a long time even M F Hussain for his paintings of Indian Gods.
  • Cinema is a mirror of any society and depicts the society and some times it is also vice-a-versa since the society tries to immitate the film idols in terms of actions, clothing, culture etc.
  • Religious: When any movie hurts the religious sentiments of the audience it faces a staunch opposition from the youth which can even get violent and induce the youth into riots.
  • Self Censorship and viewer discretion: We have a mechanism in our brain which separates us from the movies which we see and imposes a self-censorship thus we intutively know what is right and wrong for us.
  • Stakeholders: Worlds biggest film industry survives because of cinema it employs several young talent and gives them job opportunities.
  • Social Change: Films and their stars can be used to spread social message though moves and hence must be encouraged. Movies like 3Idiots and Taare Zameen Par leave a social impact on the people and can change the way they think.
  • Entertainment: This is the most significant role of movies today and not of less importance by any means, it is a way of recreation and when our youth is stressed to perform better at every exam they also need good entertainment.

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